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Termites are often confused with ants; however, a few simple things distinguish the two. Termite swarmers have a broad waist and straight antennae, and both wings are the same size. Ants have a thin, pinched waist and elbowed antennae, and their hind wings are similar to their front wings. 

Q.  Why should I hire a professional pest control operator when I can do it myself?



First, make sure that any company you hire is reputable, licensed, and well-trained to ensure that they are knowledgeable and responsible in handling pesticides. Pesticides, by nature, are designed to kill and therefore cannot be termed "safe." They can, however, be used responsibly with little or no impact on people, pets, or plants if they are used in accordance with labeled directions. If you have specific health concerns, ask your pest control operator for copies of the label, which contains information on the active ingredients, level of toxicity, and other information that you can discuss with your doctor.

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Q.  I have a bug problem, but I am not sure what the problem is. How can I find out what it is and how to get rid of it?

Q.  I had a swarm of what looked like flying ants in my home, and my brother told me that they might be termites. How can I tell the difference?

Q.   How do I know if the materials that a pest control operator is using are safe?


 Do-it-yourself pest control is certainly an option for homeowners; however, most homeowners lack the knowledge and training that professionals have to treat pest problems effectively. An essential component in treating a pest problem effectively is correctly identifying the insect species and developing a course of treatment that takes the insect's biology and habits into account. It is also critical that the treatment materials used are handled properly to ensure effective treatment and environmental responsibility. A professional pest control operator has the training and expertise to do these things, leading to the most effective solution to your pest problem. If you do choose to handle your pest problem yourself, be sure to follow all label directions carefully.